Multiplier is proud to announce the 14 winners of the recent Mr. Multiplier NFT Campaign. These 14 winners are the top lenders and borrowers on Multiplier V2 and will get to walk away with a cool NFT each!

Stay tuned to our next announcement on the next upcoming campaign!

14 NFT Winners List

Top Lenders

BNB: 0x2e…db5a
ETH: 0x6b…c877
BTCB: 0x79…8c73
BUSD: 0xcc…1f8e
USDC: 0x48…93d0
USDT: 0x89…e1be
DAI: 0x48…93d0

Top Borrowers

BNB: 0x79…8c73
ETH: 0x89…e1be
BTCB: 0x79…8c73
BUSD: 0x48…93d0
USDC: 0xca…9d6d
USDT: 0xd6…cc54
DAI: 0xb1…0b59

*NFT Prizes will be distributed to wallets mentioned above within 7 days.

Links: Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub

Full Decentralisation

The Multiplier Team is excited to announce that we will be launching the Multiplier DAO.

Multiplier will put in place a governance framework that will allow us to transition from a team-run protocol (centralised) to a community run protocol (decentralised).

The Multiplier team will gradually empower community protocol over the coming months, and the team’s involvement will gradually shift towards a supporting role, as we work with the community to ensure that the Multiplier protocol transitions to become a fully decentralised, community-run protocol.

A Decentralised Future

One of the early goals for the protocol has always been to become fully decentralised.

The Multiplier…

Multiplier Finance is proud to bring you our very own Mr. Multiplier NFTs! Only 42 Mr. Multiplier NFTs will be created, each unique in its own way.

These limited edition NFTs will be distributed through a lending and borrowing competition on Multiplier V2 lending protocol, whereby the top lenders and borrowers will get to walk away with one of these cool prizes!

How to view NFTs

Click the “Leaderboard” tab on Multiplier V2 or click this link.

New Lending & Borrowing Incentives!

Multiplier is proud to announce the official launch of V2 on 19th August 2021, which includes the launch of incentivized lending and borrowing pools!

After launching V1 in late February 2021, the lending protocol has since grown to over 25 million in cross-chain TVL with over 7000 token holders!

For all existing users currently participating in V1 Lending & Borrowing pools, do take note to migrate your assets over to V2 on 19th August to enjoy the new rewards.

The new V2 is part of a continuous upgrade aimed to unlock greater value in DeFi and to give our users…

Are you excited for the upcoming Multiplier V2 launch? With great new features on the platform, new governance rewards for staking bMXX, and new lending and borrowing incentives, there is something for everyone to look forward to!

Multiplier will begin the roll out of V2 in phases — Beginning with increased governance and staking rewards, followed by the launch of our incentivized lending and borrowing pools.

This will ensure a secure and seamless transition with stakers having ample time to unstake and migrate.

We’ll monitor the progress of the governance migration before releasing an official date for the launch of…

Multiplier is proud to announce that the audit on Multiplier V2 by CertiK is complete. This comes after 2 successful audits on V1 by Multiplier (and many more prior audits on the code itself).

In summary, CertiK has identified 0 Critical, Major, Medium, and Informational findings.

The official full Audit Report can be viewed here.

CertiK is a leading security-focused ranking platform that analyzes and monitors blockchain protocols and DeFi projects.

This audit is part of an ongoing series of audits intended to ensure that the Multiplier V2 protocol is as safe and secure as possible. …

The world is always evolving, with new inventions cropping up daily, blockchain being one of them. DeFi is one such discovery that gave the financial industry a 360-degree turn. Unlike the traditional banking systems such as insurance brokers and traditional banks that operate with a third party, DeFi operates independently.

The DeFi lending industry is based on trustless operation with no third party. Users are required to deposit their crypto coins for lending. Through P2P lending in the decentralized platform, a borrower can take a loan. The lender also gets to earn interest. The process is transparent and straightforward.


Multiplier has introduced new changes to the token model to support new liquidity and governance incentives in V2. The full V2 Tokenomics can be found here.


As a show of long term commitment and dedication, the team has decided to channel vested Foundation tokens for 2021 towards V2 Liquidity and Governance Incentives.

These improvements are for the community and expected to exponentially grow activity on our upcoming V2 Lending Protocol!

a) Foundation Allocation has been reduced to 1,524,600 from 3,400,000. A reduction of 1,875,400 bMXX.

b) 1,134,600 out of this 1,875,400 has been allocated to Liquidity Incentives for V2


Buying things using cryptocurrency or sending money in Bitcoin is absolutely normal to a huge number of people all over the world! Cryptocurrency’s user audience is growing every day, but why is that?

The field of cryptocurrency has no authority that decides whether or not your transaction goes through. Nobody can block your wallet or inquire about the nature of the money transfer. Nobody limits the amount of money a user can send or receive.

Traditional payment systems have all kinds of built-in limits, checks, human errors and legal boundaries. That being said, all of the above works against the…

We often talk about it, but do you know what it is? Let’s find out!

DeFi is short for decentralized finance. This term combines various financial projects and protocols on the blockchain that focus on removing the need for middlemen. DeFi is different in that it expands the scope of blockchain application: from simple transfer of digital assets to more complicated financial operations such as deposits, loans, insurance, etc.

What is the point of DeFi?

Full individual control over your assets is something the traditional banking system and other financial institutions simply can’t provide. The DeFi technology is what brings…


Untold Multiplying

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