Introducing Multiplier DAO

Full Decentralisation

A Decentralised Future

How will it work?

Stage 1: Elected Multiplier Council

  1. Council Members: To run daily operations and engage with the community.
  2. Executor: Multiplier will appoint 1 of the developers to execute any upgrades to the Multiplier protocol.
  3. Treasury: To handle any Multiplier protocol funds.

Stage 2: Multiplier Improvement Proposal (MIPs) and Voting Guides

Stage 3: Logistic and administrative

  • To handover all admin keys to the Multiplier council and place it under Multi-sig.
  • To Allocate resources to the Council. Fully handover administrative functions and operations, e.g. Server, domains, and Github access to the council.
  • The original Multiplier team members will share a public wallet address with the minimum allocation required to participate in creating proposals.
  • The Multiplier Council and the community will propose and vote on the outcome of the existing unvested team allocation tokens.




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