Mr. Multiplier NFT Winners

Multiplier is proud to announce the 14 winners of the recent Mr. Multiplier NFT Campaign. These 14 winners are the top lenders and borrowers on Multiplier V2 and will get to walk away with a cool NFT each!

Stay tuned to our next announcement on the next upcoming campaign!

14 NFT Winners List

Top Lenders

BNB: 0x2e…db5a
ETH: 0x6b…c877
BTCB: 0x79…8c73
BUSD: 0xcc…1f8e
USDC: 0x48…93d0
USDT: 0x89…e1be
DAI: 0x48…93d0

Top Borrowers

BNB: 0x79…8c73
ETH: 0x89…e1be
BTCB: 0x79…8c73
BUSD: 0x48…93d0
USDC: 0xca…9d6d
USDT: 0xd6…cc54
DAI: 0xb1…0b59

*NFT Prizes will be distributed to wallets mentioned above within 7 days.

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