Multiplier Bug Bounty Program

Click here to submit a bug.

Multiplier is pleased to announce that the MCL bug bounty program is now live!

Combined with our external security audit by CertiK, as well as CertiKShield for added coverage over users’ assets, these will ensure that Multi-Chain Lend will be as secure as possible.

We are calling on security researchers around the world to help us identify and fix software vulnerabilities on our platform.

Bug Bounty Program divided into 2 Stages

Stage 1 — Features and Functionalities (now live)

Users are encouraged to interact with the Public Beta Testnet and perform various actions to ensure the platform runs as intended.

Phase 2 — Smart Contracts Security and Vulnerability

Phase 2 will only begin after the CertiK audit is completed. Smart contract source codes will then be open source and available for public viewing.

What are we most interested in?

  • Any vulnerability where assets can be siphoned off
  • Potential threats of loss or frozen funds
  • Calculation errors

The most important class of bugs we are looking for are ones that compromise the integrity and security of users’ assets.

New bugs reported will be rewarded accordingly.


  • Critical: $2000 bMXX
  • High: $500 bMXX
  • Medium: $100 bMXX
  • Low: $10 bMXX

Rewards are at the discretion of Multiplier and we will not be awarding significant bounties for low severity bugs (i.e. UI and spelling errors).

Submit a bug by clicking this link.

Did I win a bounty?

Multiplier requires 2 business days to respond to the bug submission. If the bug is new and valid, Multiplier will reward a bug bounty to the user.

Bug bounties will be awarded after the conclusion of the Public Beta Testnet (announcement will be made).

Awarded Bug Bounties can be viewed here.

Terms & Conditions

  • All rights of interpretation of the MCL Bug Bounty are reserved to Multiplier.
  • Multiplier decides whether to reward a bug disclosure and how much will be rewarded.
  • Any individual or team participant should not violate any terms mentioned above.
  • Duplicate submissions will not be considered. In case of any disputes, Multiplier’s decision is final.



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