MCL Testnet Guide

Official Mainnet Launch after CertiK audit.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL) Testnet is now live!

1. Log into Public Beta Testnet URLs

MCL Testnet:

bMXX Converter:

2. Setup your TEST BSC Network on Metamask (recommended wallet)

Step 1: Go to Metamask

Step 2: Add Network (Custom RPC)

Step 3: Input the following,

3. Receive your test tokens

Once set up, you may receive BNB test tokens by requesting through the faucet:

For all other test tokens (such as DAI, bMXX and MXX) please send us your wallet address in Discord #Public-Beta-Test channel, so that we may credit tokens to you for testing.

4. “Add” token to your Metamask wallet

BSC Testnet Wallets:

Dai Address : 0x0be6c9a1037cdfbb013a73ca361e84662278d551

bMXX Address: 0xAdFE8007c8055E55Cd0AC54e1E02DD22bc6Bfbb4

mxDAI: 0xbabf73ce0684a9252367ec8cb38ebaada5918a97

mxBNB: 0x586ff3da4240e287baad5a40171becd8feef2581

ETH Kovan Testnet Wallet:

MXX Address: 0x8f1e37afacdc033dc2c0bf2bd116eaa558efcde8

You’re Done!

You may start borrowing and lending on the MCL Beta Testnet!



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