V2 Updated Tokenomics: Liquidity & Governance Incentives

Multiplier has introduced new changes to the token model to support new liquidity and governance incentives in V2. The full V2 Tokenomics can be found here.


These improvements are for the community and expected to exponentially grow activity on our upcoming V2 Lending Protocol!

a) Foundation Allocation has been reduced to 1,524,600 from 3,400,000. A reduction of 1,875,400 bMXX.

b) 1,134,600 out of this 1,875,400 has been allocated to Liquidity Incentives for V2

c) The remaining 740,800 has been allocated to Governance Incentives for V2

Liquidity Incentives

  • 1,134,600 (8.73%) have been set aside to meet liquidity incentive needs until Feb 2024.
  • Any reduction or increase in liquidity incentives will have to pass governance and minted from ecosystem reserves.

Governance Incentives

  • 438,000 bMXX had previously been allocated to support Governance Incentives in V1 over 3 years, at 400 bMXX daily.
  • An additional 740,800 bMXX has been allocated from Foundation to support Governance Incentives till Feb 2024, at 1200 bMXX daily.

V2 Token Overview

Multiplier will launch V2 on August 2nd 2021 with new and exciting features!

Website: https://multiplier.finance
Telegram: https://t.me/themultiplierio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MultiplierMXX
Discord: https://discord.gg/cA3bsPX

Multiplier has been audited by CertiK and Kudelski Security, with 4/7 reputable multi-sig, and with users’ assets covered by CertiKShield*.

Untold Multiplying

Untold Multiplying