Proposal for immediate reduction of V2 governance staking rewards passed

As a result of feedback from the community, a proposal for reduction of Multiplier’s V2 governance staking rewards was initiated by the DAO team on 26th October 2021 and passed on 29th October 2021.

90.87k stakedBMXX voted “YES: reduce by 75%” (96.95%)
2.76k stakedBMXX voted “YES: reduce by 50%” (2.95%)
100 stakedBMXX voted “YES: reduce by 25%” (0.11%)
0 voted “NO”

The DAO team’s executor will implement the reduction of bMXX rewards for governance staking from the current 1,200 bMXX daily payout to 300 bMXX daily payout.

The community may review the governance rewards again in the future should bMXX price becomes favourable for an increased payout. The DAO team thanks everyone in the community who voted and participated.



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