New Q2 & Q3 Roadmap

2 min readMay 19, 2021

Multiplier Finance is proud to announce MCL version 2.0 on Binance Smart Chain, which will incentivise borrowers and lenders, re-organise the protocol’s revenue model and include deflationary mechanisms.

We’ve taken various community feedback since the release of the first version of MCL, and we’ve also taken a few pages from other protocols, to come up with a new and improved lending platform.

And not only that, Multiplier Finance will release MCL v2 on Cardano as well! Cardano is unique in the space itself as it is built on scientific philosophy and peer-reviewed academic research.

Stay tuned to updates on the detailed features as we begin rolling out sneak previews and video guides in the next few weeks!


Q2 2021

  • MCL UI update ✔
  • Secondary audit with Kudelski Audit ✔
  • Established MCL Catalyst Fund ✔
  • Developer Documentation ✔
  • Onboarding of new Collateral Assets (ie. $LINK, $ADA, $LTC) ✔
  • Integration of new Wallets (i.e. ONTO, TrustWallet, SafePal) ✔
  • Strategic Collaborations in BSC (i.e. Alpaca Finance, PancakeSwap, Soteria Finance) ✔

New Q2 & Q3 Goals

  • MCL Version 2.0 (detailed features to be announced)
  • MCL v2 Litepaper (detailed features to be announced)
  • MCL v2 Audit Report (auditor TBD)
  • Partnerships and collaborations in BSC and Cardano
  • MCL Version 2.0 Cardano Chain