Multiplier V2 Successful Audit by CertiK

Multiplier is proud to announce that the audit on Multiplier V2 by CertiK is complete. This comes after 2 successful audits on V1 by Multiplier (and many more prior audits on the code itself).

In summary, CertiK has identified 0 Critical, Major, Medium, and Informational findings.

The official full Audit Report can be viewed here.

CertiK is a leading security-focused ranking platform that analyzes and monitors blockchain protocols and DeFi projects.

This audit is part of an ongoing series of audits intended to ensure that the Multiplier V2 protocol is as safe and secure as possible. These audits will run concurrently while the protocol is being used.

In terms of protocol safety and security, the lending protocol has completed a public bug bounty program, with V1 having a successful audit by CertiK, a successful second audit by Kudelski Security, and includes coverage for users’ assets by Soteria Finance and CertiKShield.

For information on V2’s new features please refer here.



Untold Multiplying

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