Multiplier Renounces MXX Token Admin Function. Implements 4/7 Multi-Sig

In accordance with the recent external auditor’s request to renounce ownership through the admin function, Multiplier has officially implemented 4/7 Multi-Sig authorization for the admin keys of MXX.

This is an additional security feature on top of an already extensive list of security measures, including having CertiKShield coverage, CertiK audits, and Bramah Systems audits.

4 out of 7 co-signatories are required to approve the future minting or burning of MXX tokens.

Multi-Sig Address: 0xFbab6b5deA06fd0291B1fD512cdD9569A6593B27

The 7 Multi-Sig Key Holders are:

  1. Multiplier CEO- Kim
  2. Multiplier CTO- YewNan
  3. Infinity Gainz Owner- Crypto94
  4. Bitcoin Addict Owner- Rit
  5. CryptoMoonShots Owner- Blue Demise
  6. Multiplier Community Leader- KNG3000
  7. TBD

*The 7th Multi-Sig key holder will be determined at a later date, and announced immediately upon confirmation.




Untold Multiplying

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Untold Multiplying

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