Multiplier MXX Governance is Live

3 min readDec 14, 2020


The journey towards decentralization continues with the release of MXX Governance!

The decision-making power rests with the community now, so whether these proposals go through is up to you!

We invite you to actively participate in the governance of the Multiplier MXX Protocols!

How to Submit Proposal

Users are strongly advised to first discuss potential proposals in our Discord Governance forum where governance-related topics and potential proposals are discussed (

Moderators will then filter and approve good proposals.

Submit the proposal along with topic link in Snapshot by holding 50,000 MXX at least, which is also the minimum requirement for a proposal to list in Snapshot, and the voting period must be between 5–15 days.

Rules of Creating a Proposal

1. Proposal MUST have a proper title to reveal the core idea.

2. Proposal MUST begin with Summary section (in short, please).

3. Proposal MUST have Action Item section for explaining each voting option explicitly.

4. Proposal SHOULD use “For” / “Against” as options in binary decision.

5. Proposal SHOULD provide “at least 2” as option in multiple choice.

6. Proposal CAN have Background, Motivation, Specification or any other aspect to support the idea.

7. Users MUST have at least 50,000 MXX to create a proposal.

How to Create Proposal

Step 1: Click on “Governance” on
(refresh cache)

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Step 3: Click on “New Proposal” to create a proposal.

Step 4: Click “Publish”

How to Vote

The voting period for each proposal is between 5–15 days. After the voting period has closed, we will share the results!

Feel free to participate in our Discord Governance forum where governance-related topics and potential proposals are discussed (

Rules of Voting

  1. Users MUST have MXX to vote (no minimum)

2. Voting power WILL be determined by the amount of MXX held at time of snapshot. MXX bought after the snapshot do not qualify.

3. Users CAN vote any number of times - only the last vote counts.

4. Simple majority WILL determine the outcome of the proposal.

5. Official wallets by Multiplier Finance are not eligible. E.g. Holding Wallet and Loan Wallet are not eligible.

6. MXX MUST be in wallet at time of snapshot qualify. This excludes MXX in SSB and escrow.

How to Vote

Step 1: Select the proposal you would like to vote

Step 2: Select your choices. And click “Vote” to confirm

Step 3: Confirm your vote

Step 4: Confirm your vote and sign via your wallet

You have successfully voted!