Multiplier introduces Catalyst Fund 1

As per our roadmap, Multiplier is proud to announce the introduction of Catalyst Fund 1.

The fund’s primary goals are to drive user adoption and TVL to the MCL protocol by funding marketing campaigns, and by incentivizing protocols and developers to build on top of MCL.

Catalyst Fund 1 will be allocated $100,000 bMXX, and is required to pass a governance vote as it involves the use of Ecosystem Reserves. Multi-sig approved minting begins after the proposal is passed.

How to participate in Catalyst Fund 1?

  1. Submit the application form here
  2. Core team will review the details with the applicant
  3. Core team will put forward a governance proposal (if selected)
  4. Community will vote “for” or “against”
  5. Once passed, bMXX will be minted from the reserve through Multi-Sig.

This will be a key milestone as Multiplier begins to utilize bMXX reserves for the benefit of the protocol, and is a significant step towards community-led governance.

Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for more updates!

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