Multiplier implements 4/7 Multi-Sig for bMXX

Multiplier has renounced ownership of our tokens through the admin function, and will officially implement 4/7 Multi-Sig authorization for the admin keys of our upcoming bMXX tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

Multiplier has previously implemented Multi-Sig on MXX (ERC-20), and will have new Multi-Sig holders for bMXX (BEP-20).

Multi-Sig is an additional security feature on top of an already extensive list of security measures, including having bug bounties, CertiKShield coverage, and cybersecurity audits.

4 out of 7 co-signatories are required to approve the future minting or burning of bMXX tokens.

The 7 bMXX Multi-Sig Key Holders are:



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