Multi-Chain Lend (MCL) Protocol Passed External Audits!

Let’s begin with the essentials: Multiplier’s lending protocol — Multi-Chain Lend (MCL) has been audited by CertiK and Kudelski Security. External companies have audited the protocol to guarantee top-level security and liability. It is very important for us to ensure our users enjoy maximum security, so we have made these steps.

Let’s talk about what an audit is and why is it important?

Smart contracts are considered one of the safest methods of managing funds today. For all their perfection, hackers are also constantly developing their skills. They become more inventive as the complexity of contracts increases. As the saying goes, “blockchain is secure, but blockchain applications — not always”. Audits of smart contracts, which have recently become increasingly popular, are designed for combating this and preventing such cases. This is why conscientious companies who put their users’ security first turn to third-party organizations for auditing their software.

What problems do audits detect? Audits help to find not only critical but also more common errors of smart contracts. For example, problems with integer arithmetic, the vulnerability of the gas limit in the block when the array overflows, missing parameters or prerequisites (the result of careless development), potential frontrunning (overtaking an unconfirmed transaction), as well as a great number of logical flaws.

We are excited to tell you that our protocol has passed 2 audits — — its integrity and correctness have been proven by independent companies! You can have a look at token source code on our repository on Github:

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