#MIP-3: Marketing Campaign Budget Minted from Ecosystem Reserves

Apr 13, 2021

#MIP-3 Proposal to approve 2,200 bMXX for marketing campaigns!

9.85k stbMXX voted “FOR”

84.56 stbMXX voted “AGAINST”

bMXX token holders voted in favor of approving 2,200 bMXX to be minted from Ecosystem Reserves, with 9.85k “For” votes.

The core team has activated Multi-Sig to mint 2,200 bMXX for the upcoming marketing campaigns with:

DEFIBox (200 bMXX)

UniFarm (2,000 bMXX)

Multiplier Asset Allocation Wallet — 0x48628Aa941722292eCf2169E6DAd958Bc62a93D0