MCL Private Beta 1.0 Testnet Launch

Multiplier is excited to announce the launch of Multi-Chain Lend Private Beta 1.0 Testnet!

What is Multi-Chain Lend?

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL) is a lending protocol that is an Aave-fork on Binance Smart Chain. MCL is built through a joint collaboration with Bramah Systems, a leading cybersecurity auditor.

Differences with Aave include incentive schemes and platform fees. Details can be found here.

Flash loans coming to BSC soon with the MCL MainNet Launch!

What Private Beta Testnet 1.0 for?

The Multiplier team and invitees are actively testing MCL to double down on security and iterate on making the product as user friendly as possible.

With Private Beta Testnet, we will be releasing the current iteration of MCL to a selected group of community members to test and give feedback on.

Everyone will have access to the platform with the next Public Beta Testnet launch in the coming weeks!

How do you access the Private Beta Testnet?

The Private Beta Testnet is by invitation and open to a limited number of selected community users.


Multiplier Community Leaders

Multiplier Multi-Sig Holders

  • Frederic (CoFounder of DEXTools)
  • Rit (Owner of Bitcoin Addict)
  • Crypto94 (Owner of Infinity Gainz)
  • Blue Demise (Owner of CryptoMoonShots)
  • KNG3000 (Community Leader)

Partners & Collaborators

  • CertiK

And more to be announced.

Interested to access the Private Beta Testnet?

To get access to the MCL Private Beta Testnet, simply submit your User ID in this form.

Limited number of selected users will be allowed to participate. You will be notified if you have been selected.

The following Public Beta Testnet will be open to all to participate.



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