Introducing Multiplier DAO

Full Decentralisation

The Multiplier Team is excited to announce that we will be launching the Multiplier DAO.

A Decentralised Future

One of the early goals for the protocol has always been to become fully decentralised.

How will it work?

The adoption of a decentralised governance model would incentivise and encourage more participation and contribution from users of the Multiplier protocol.

Stage 1: Elected Multiplier Council

Establish a Multiplier Council with experienced community users to guide the future development of the protocol. The idea is for proposals to be presented to bMXX holders with detailed concepts and budgets, and if the Multiplier community likes the proposal, they will vote for and fund it.

  1. Executor: Multiplier will appoint 1 of the developers to execute any upgrades to the Multiplier protocol.
  2. Treasury: To handle any Multiplier protocol funds.

Stage 2: Multiplier Improvement Proposal (MIPs) and Voting Guides

The community is an important part of the Multiplier ecosystem. Multiplier cannot fundamentally exist without the diligent and direct governance by the Multiplier community.

Stage 3: Logistic and administrative

  • To handover all admin keys to the Multiplier council and place it under Multi-sig.
  • To Allocate resources to the Council. Fully handover administrative functions and operations, e.g. Server, domains, and Github access to the council.
  • The original Multiplier team members will share a public wallet address with the minimum allocation required to participate in creating proposals.
  • The Multiplier Council and the community will propose and vote on the outcome of the existing unvested team allocation tokens.


Multiplier V2 has leading lending features on Binance Smart Chain, with a current TVL of 8 million US dollars in crypto assets.

Untold Multiplying