The popularity of DeFi services is rising, and this claim is easy to back up with hard data. According to DeFi Pulse, the total value of funds locked in DeFi applications has grown from $300 million in early 2019 to several billion in 2021.The ecosystem’s total value locked (TVL) has continued to grow rapidly throughout the bull run, and currently stands at over $110 billion!

Lending is one of the fastest growing sectors within DEFI and is host to more than $30B in TVL. Why does this market sector continue to gain more and more traction? It’s quite simple: both the lender and the borrower can enjoy additional guarantees, all deals go through in a quick and transparent manner with no approval needed, and the system has zero bureaucracy — something that has been plaguing the traditional banking system.

For the longest time, MakerDAO was the dominant player in DEFI. However, with the explosion in DEFI, the lending sector has become a showcase for hosting large amounts of TVL.

Multi-Chain Lend (MCL) is an algorithmic money market system designed to bring secure and unique lending and borrowing opportunities like flash loans onto the Binance Smart Chain. The protocol designs are architected and forked based on Aave with revenue sharing components for liquidity providers and token holders that govern the protocol.

Multiplier will launch MCL v2 by Q3 2021 with new and exciting features! Looking forward to that! More info can be found in this medium post:


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