DeFi Digest: Main Stories This Week

14.06.2021 — 20.06.2021

We start a new weekly tradition of publishing main stories in the DeFi market! The size of DeFi acutely shrunk again this week, with the ecosystem’s total value locked (TVL) declining from $58.79B to $55.25B. That’s not some major drop-off, right, but we’re certainly not in the “up only” environment we were in just a handful of weeks ago! And it is Monday today, so we want to share last week’s DeFi stories with you:

  • Alchemix Incident Report

The Alchemix team outlines a bug in its alETH system that erroneously allowed some users to withdraw ETH despite their outstanding debts.

  • v1 is live on Ethereum mainnet

Tokenized volatility protocol announces the launch of its v1 system on Ethereum.

  • TriCrypto CRV rewards begin

Curve Finance activates CRV rewards for its new TriCrypto pool, which facilitates trading among ETH, WBTC, and USDT.

  • Treasury Diversification with Range Tokens

UMA Protocol unveils range tokens, which are akin to convertible debt and that DAO’s can use to flexibly diversify their treasuries.

  • Metronome 2.0: DeFi’s First, Better

Metronome announces the launch of CMET, its governance token, and introduces DAO-based governance for the project.

The DeFi market continues changing and we will continue watching it for you! Multiplier believes in keeping track of the market, and staying up to date with trends.

Multiplier will launch MCL v2 by Q3 2021 with new and exciting features!




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