BCH Token Live for Borrowing & Lending

BCH has achieved $200k in initial seed and the pool is officially opened for lending and borrowing. For risk specifications and asset parameters, please refer to the Litepaper.

What’s next?

  1. Once a governance proposal is passed successfully, the proposed token will be whitelisted for depositing (but not available for lending and borrowing). Collateral can be withdrawn at any time. ✔
  2. If the proposed token reaches $200,000 in collateral deposited within 1 month, the pool will be officially opened for lending and borrowing. If the minimum collateral deposit is not met, the suggested token may be delisted. ✔
  3. Proposer and Initial seeders will be rewarded after 2 weeks from the date the token is opened for lending and borrowing (a snapshot will be taken of all initial seeders). The initial seed must remain as collateral during these 2 weeks, failing which the apportioned rewards will not be distributed.

Wallet Addresses to receive Listing Incentives

$2,000 bMXX for Proposer
0x3F05…AC67 = $2,000

$10,000 bMXX for Initial Seeders
0xE3c0…6bb5 = $9971.32
0x8Cb3…2fDB = $25.43
0x3482…B862 = $3.16
0xdF7c…8b11 = $0.07

Listing Incentives Guidelines

  • Initial seed is required to remain in the pool for 2 weeks until 12th May 2021 1pm SGT to qualify for listing incentives.
  • Listing incentives will not be awarded in the event the initial seed is removed during the first 2 weeks. The percentage of listing incentives unawarded is in proportion with the percentage of initial seed removed by the user (bMXX incentives will remain un-minted and does not go to the next-in-line).
  • Listing incentives will be transferred to the eligible addresses by 13th May 2021.



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