ADA Token Initial Seed Winners

Wallet Addresses to receive Listing Incentives

bMXX Reference Price: $20.54849

$2,000 bMXX for Proposer
0x4557…2f15 = 97.33075277 bMXX

$10,000 bMXX for Initial Seeders
0x7db0…9186 = 293.500885 bMXX
0x8ec3…90ee = 73.37491307 bMXX
0x7db0…9186 = 73.3340886 bMXX
0x25ec…9e69 = 24.01911827 bMXX
0x00af…4560 = 10.97431895 bMXX
0xaf39…47cb = 4.402524721 bMXX
0x3d05…9ca3 = 1.968653736 bMXX
0xba39…a5f7 = 1.047734402 bMXX
0xa252…2f3e = 0.8024132982 bMXX
0xd4d9…a2f1 = 0.5870032962 bMXX
0xaf39…47cb = 0.2168401305 bMXX
0xa38d…ad90 = 0.0029350164 bMXX

Listing Incentives Guidelines

  • Listing incentives will not be awarded in the event the initial seed is removed during the first 2 weeks. The percentage of listing incentives unawarded is in proportion with the percentage of initial seed removed by the user (bMXX incentives will remain un-minted and does not go to the next-in-line).
  • Listing incentives will be transferred to the eligible addresses by 24th April 2021.




Untold Multiplying

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Untold Multiplying

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